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NCTA: Cuts Will Not Affect Bridge

By Cindy Beamon Staff Writer Daily Advance Monday, June 14, 2010

A state House plan to cut $15 million earmarked for the mid-county bridge project in Currituck this year would have no effect on the project, despite concerns to the contrary, says David Joyner, executive director of the N.C. Turnpike Authority.

Last week, the N.C. […]

Mid-Currituck Bridge Funds AXED

Mid-county bridge funds axed By Cindy Beamon Staff writer Daily Advance Friday, June 11, 2010

The state House’s proposed budget leaves out funding for a mid-county bridge in Currituck, but the move is likely to be challenged as the General Assembly negotiates its final spending plan in the coming weeks.

The state House of Representatives […]

N.C. House REMOVES funding for Currituck bridge

By Jeff Hampton The Virginian-Pilot © June 9, 2010

The North Carolina House of Representatives’ budget leaves out $15 million for the Currituck mid-county bridge, a move that could threaten the project.

The Senate budget includes the $15 million.

“It endangers the whole project,” Schorr Johnson, spokesman for Sen. Marc Basnight, D-Dare.

Basnight will not […]

SELC Comments Mid-Currituck Bridge DEIS


Southern Environmental Law Center comments on the Mid-Currituck Bridge Project. Our heartfelt thanks go out to them for there invaluable support in fighting this ill conceived project.

North Carolina Audubon, NC Wildlife Federation, Environmental Defense Fund, and the Wilderness Society all signed on. The Nature Conservancy is also submitting its own set of comments.


Letter to USACOE RE: Mid-Currituck Bridge

June 1, 2010

Mr. Bill Biddlecome US Army Corps of Engineers P.O. Box 1000 Washington, N.C. 27889

Subject: Mid–Currituck Bridge

Dear Mr. Biddlecome:

I am writing to express my opposition to the Currituck Mid-County Bridge project which is currently in its final comment period. I have attached a copy of comments regarding issues found in […]