NoMCB-Concerned Citizens and Visitors Opposed to the Mid-Currituck Bridge

Mission Statement

“The mission of NoMCB is to protect the unique natural environment of the Currituck mainland and the  northern Outer Banks that is home to the NC state horse, the Colonial Spanish Mustang, fish spawning habitat, migratory birds and other wildlife, that hundreds of thousands of visitors come to experience and enjoy each year along with miles of pristine beaches.  We believe that there are more cost effective, and less environmentally damaging ways to address summertime traffic congestion that have been pushed aside in favor of this politically influenced project.  The bridge will cost more than 50% of our available transportation funding for the next 10 years within our 14 county area in an attempt to alleviate congestion that only occurs 14 weekends a year, and that is simply unacceptable.”