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The Mid-Currituck Bridge

The Mid-Currituck Bridge in a Nutshell


Please download copy to your computer and review. It can be found about 1/2 way down the project web page. It is very important that we comment on this document. If history repeats itself for the NCTA, the Record of Decision won’t come for about a year. If the ROD includes the bridge, there […]

Currituck Plans to Steer Growth to Maple and Barco

By Jeff Hampton

The Virginian-Pilot ©

January 6, 2012

Maple, NC

A Currituck County complex covering nearly 700 acres has the potential to attract enough commercial and residential growth to Maple and Barco to rival Moyock, officials say.

The complex already has an airport, a business park, a large cooperative extensive center and a new […]

Currituck in Race Against Nature to Clear OBX Ditches

Currituck in race against nature to clear OBX ditches

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CURRITUCK — Clearing ditches on the Outer Banks has turned out to be a race against nature for Currituck officials.

The county has sought to solve flooding problems on sand roads behind the dunes by clearing […]