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5 comments to EXPLORE THE WONDER

  • admin

    WELCOME TO http://WWW.NOMCB.COM, a place to find information on the Proposed Mid-County Bridge Project in Currituck County, N.C. Please let us know you would like to see on our web site.

  • hutch

    Great job, Jen! Thanks for getting this up & running.

    I encourage everyone to plow through the SELC white paper – it lays out everything wrong about the state DOT/NCTPA, and all the reasons why they shouldn’t be building unnecessary new projects before taking care of the backlog of maintenance/rebuilding issues statewide – case in point, the Bonner Bridge.

    Barb M

  • Debbie H.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work! Hoping the environmental impact statement will lean on our side – can’t imagine that it wouldn’t. Keep up the good work!!

  • susan taylor

    This bridge simply takes traffic out of Southern Shores and Duck in Dare County and places it in Corolla. I understand the agenda that Dare County has. Look at the Board of Build the says it all. Corolla, one of the last unspoiled bits of seacoast in our country will be destroyed by this transportation nightmare involving expansion of Route 12 in our community complete with the condemnation of private homes that are in the path of this monstrosity . I find it disturbing that one of our County Commissioners is on the Board of Build the Bridge. Shame on him. Jewels like Corolla and Aydlett (bridge landfalls) need to preserved not destroyed.

    Susan – a year round resident who wants to continue to enjoy the wonder of Corolla.

  • Donna M. Martin

    We have a home in Corolla and
    are against building the bridge
    for many reasons.
    I am amazed that people are
    not satisfied until they have
    managed to destroy nature, and
    at what a cost. For safety, we
    need another route out of Corolla, but certainly not this. X the Mid Currituck Bridge once and for all !