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Please Sign Petition

Please sign the petition by clicking on the link below.

The Land Use Plan for Currituck County Aydlett Area

LUP POLICY TR13: “…To protect the character of communities near the bridge (e.g. Aydlett, Churches Island, Poplar Branch), the road leading to the bridge shall have no access points before its intersection with US 158.”

LUP Key Words, often used in policy statements, have special meaning.
shall: mandatory, not optional

Don’t let them build a bridge that will ruin it all!!

A study is being completed on a toll road across Currituck Sound to the Outer Banks. The state can’t afford that project and would rely on private money to build the toll bridge and highway.

Please also visit
and help them fight the large commercial development that’s planned for the 4×4 area. Please sign their petition as well.

5 comments to Please Sign Petition

  • Audrey Hartlove

    I’ve been a resident of Aydlett for 23 yrs. & absolutely love the serenity of the area.
    My husband & I moved here to retire & spend our days in such a place.
    It is beyond me that ANYONE would purposely destroy such a sweet, quiet town, for the sake of a tourist who needs to get to his destination more quickly.
    Why then did he buy in Corolla, when he knew the distance he had to drive from day one?
    A bridge is the last thing we need please re-consider, before you spoil the very thing that everyone comes here for.

  • Dan Lane

    I agree with Ms. Hartlove. We know why we came here to stay.
    When we lose the quiet serenity of a crisp Fall evening unblemished by “light pollution”, the cry of migratory birds in flight, the early Spring birdsong, the wonder of dawn over the Atlantic, or sunset on the Currituck Sound we will be a poorer people, as will our descendants. Opposition to the Bridge is not a selfish position taken by residents on either side for personal gain, but selfishness to GUARANTEE the the wonder and beauty of these places for those who follow.

  • Kim Reese

    I do not think a bridge is the best idea. I live in aydlett and work in corolla at the one of the proposed spots the bridge would come out! I would never pay to cross a bridge. I also moved to this area because of the natural beauty and quietness. Hopefully this will keep being put on the back burner.

  • Juliet Jesson

    We have had a house in Corolla since 1999 and hope to retire there one day. The proposed bridge makes no sense from several perspectives: a)will not fulfill hurrican evacuation needs as once there, developers will swoop in and develop every piece of available land, therefore multiplying the number of evacuees, so where does this stop? b) environmentally this fragile barrier reef will suffer severely; c) the peace and beauty that have brought most of us to this part of NC will be torn to shreds; d) there are no funds available for infrastructure. I see no point in building the Mid Currituck bridge for all these reasons.

  • monicasean

    I have owned a home in Corolla since 1992. The bridge will destroy the character of the northern outer banks. It will cost more than projected, benefit developers more than travelers and generate noise and increase ambient light.