Marc Basnight and Bill Owens may have retained their seats but Basnight looses Senate Pro Tem position, which means his power in N.C. politics is greatly reduced. The N.C. Senate and House have gone Republican for the first time in more than 100 years. I believe this to be a huge blow for the NCTA’s ability to fund Marc Basnight’s pet pork project, the proposed Mid-Currituck Bridge, in the future. People are tired of the good ole boy politics and voted them out resoundingly. It’s time N.C. stop being the butt of political corruption jokes. It’s time N.C. put our tax dollars into transportation projects that are needed and not simply ones that would be “nice to have”. N.C. faces a 3+ billion dollar deficit, which means – fix what needs fixing FIRST before spending a billion dollars+ for a new bridge that is NOT necessary!!