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3 comments to VERY IMPORTANT Participate in Currituck County’s CITIZEN PREFERENCE SURVEY

  • jim hayes

    Owner since ’69. frequent visitor. Primary benefit is remote nature. Commercial developmenrt would require Coounty services, police, fire, water, road development, drainage. All this would be expensive and degrade the natural beauty. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!

  • Matthew Francis

    We are a land owner since 2002. The safty of our children and the polution that this will bring to the norhtern part of the island will be devestating to our Community. Widening the road in Monteray Shores and putting this bridge in is only going to hurt our commiuntiy. The taking away of peoples dreams to put this project in and the building of a 4 lane hwy is only going to add to traffic and noise issues/pollution. There has not been enough involvement of the community and as a tax payer, i do not want this to destroy my dreams just so people can have access to a different part of the island. The money should be spent on preserving the island not adding more traffic and conjestion issues. Under this proposal, my children would have to cross a 4 lane hwy to access thier club house. Plus, not to mention the loss in value that will become of home owners properties. I also agree that there will not be enough support ( fire and police)on the island side for this. They just this year lifted the building moratorium for parts of Monteray shores now this. I oppose this and will not stand for the state government to allow for this to happen. I didn’t buy property to have a major hwy seperate my ability to enjoy both the sound and ocean. It is funny how all of this has been very difficult to find, infact, some year round residents did’t even know this was going to happen.

  • Bob Eber

    We have been a homeowner in Monteray shores since 2001. After reviewing the proposal and the bridge concept, it is obvious that it will cause irreparable harm to the Corolla environment and the Corolla way of life. The project will change forever the peace and beauty that have attracted people to this area for years. The Corolla Wild Horses are the last truly wild horses on the east coast, nowhere else can you see wild Mustangs walking along the beach and grazing among beach homes. They are an integral part of what draws visitors to the northern beaches every year, however as development encroaches, the horse’s natural habitat is being destroyed.
    The same fate will also fall on the Tourists now flocking to Corolla. Once the tourists leave Corolla, the Northern Beaches will become ghost towns. Currituck County will lose their largest source of tax revenue.

    Since 1994 NCDOT has spent Millions of Dollars conducting studies of the traffic condition on NC12 and US 158, and they still don’t understand the problem. On Saturdays and Sundays between Mid June and early September, a total of 10 Weekends or 24 days out of the year, visitors flock to the Northern Beaches. However to get there they must sit at a left turn light on US 158 after entering the Island. This traffic light causes the traffic to back up over the Wright Memorial Bridge and on to the Mainland. The beauty of the Natural Environment of the Outer banks will be destroyed if the mid-Currituck bridge is built and NC 12 is widened to accommodate 24 days out of the year of heavy traffic

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