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NC Senate budget takes axe to 2 toll Projects
The Associated Press
RALEIGH, N.C. — The Senate version of North Carolina’s state budget would scrap two proposed toll road projects.

The plan also would restrict state work on Charlotte’s light rail system.

The measure unveiled Tuesday would eliminate recurring money for the proposed Garden Parkway project from Gaston County over the Catawba River to the Charlotte airport. It also would end funds for the Mid-Currituck Bridge connecting the northern Outer Banks to mainland Currituck County.

The measure also would prevent the Department of Transportation from entering into construction, design or planning contracts for two new Charlotte rail lines if the contracts require state funds now or later.

Public transportation grants also would be cut by nearly $27 million next year.

    My take on it:
    Thank God for the GOP! The ending of these PORK BARREL projects promoted by powerful Senator’s ARE COOKED. The NCTA should be gone as well. We are tired of the misrepresentations of studies to get bloated projects pushed forward! NO MORE!!

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  • Shelton Harrell

    The Currituck Mid-County Bridge is an expensive, wasteful, altogether bad idea. The bridge would lead to increased traffic and congestion and would ultimately spoil the special character of the Currituck Outer Banks. People who want or need plenty of roads and traffic already have any number of options, including Ocean City, Nags Head and Myrtle Beach. Have more roads or highways made those places better? Is the Currituck Outer Banks looking at the congestion of Ocean City, Nags Head or Myrtle Beach as some type of development model?

    The Currituck Outer Bank are presently a unique and special place. The Mid-County Bridge will lead to all of the problems that overcame and ruined Ocean City, Nags Head and Myrtle Beach. The only people who would benefit from the Bridge are already – wealthy real estate developers who will make their money, wreck the Currituck Outer Banks, and then move somewhere else to escape the congested nightmare they create. As a property owner in the Currituck Outer Banks, I urge authorities to reject the Mid-County Bridge.


    Shelton Harrell