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August TEAC Meeting Removes C2 Bridge Corridor and MCB2 From Further Consideration

Page 5 of 11 Turnpike Environmental Agency Coordination Meeting – 08/10/10 MEETING MINUTES Date: August 10, 2010 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM NC Turnpike Authority Office Board Room (Suite 400) Project: STIP R-2576 Mid-Currituck Bridge Study – BRS-OOOS(35) Mid-Currituck Bridge Spotlight: Attendees: Bill Biddlecome, USACE Scott McLendon, USACE Chris Militscher, USEPA Gary Jordan, USFWS Ron […]

A Bad Idea-Mid-Currituck Bridge Will Not Meet Needs of Visitors or Residents

The proposed Mid Currituck Bridge in any of it forms is a bad idea for the North Banks, a bad idea for the State of North Carolina and a bad idea for the tax payers of the United States.

There are innumerable reasons why this Bridge should never be constructed, but here are the top […]

Update on the EIS Report for the Mid Currituck Bridge

From: Carova Corner Blog

While there is nothing new to really report regarding the Mid-Currituck Bridge, I recently received an email for John Page, Project Manager for the NCTA regarding the timing of the record of decision and found it noteworthy to post. It appears the official decision on the EIS will be in the […]

Transportation Reform Policy to Projects Presentation


Transportation reform Policy to Projects WHY NOW?

• Public wanted politics removed from transportation decision-making • Gov. Perdue strongly believes in reform • Wants NCDOT to be open, accessible, accountable and reliable • Necessary for NCDOT to work effectively and improve delivery • Ensures limited […]

Political Shift Could Put $1 Billion N.C. Project in Limbo

Posted to: News North Carolina

By Jeff Hampton The Virginian-Pilot © November 14, 2010


Opponents of a new $1 billion bridge over the Currituck Sound have new momentum after Republicans promising to cut spending won control of the North Carolina General Assembly on Nov. 2.

Under the direction of the North Carolina Turnpike […]

Raw Deal on Transportation

John Hood’s Daily Journal Flashback: Raw Deal on Transportation By John Hood

November 09, 2010

Following up on yesterday’s flashback of a November 2007 column on transportation policy, here’s the next in the series — taking a closer look at why North Carolina is not a net beneficiary of the federal transportation program.


Basnight Won’t Seek Leader Post

Basnight won’t seek leader post By Reggie Ponder And William F. West The Daily Advance Thursday, November 4, 2010

Longtime Democratic Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight said this week that he will not seek a top Senate leadership post when the Republican-dominated Legislature reconvenes next year.

Basnight’s office also insisted Wednesday that it’s not […]

State Senate’s New Leader Is Solid Conservative

BY ROB CHRISTENSEN – staff writer News & Observer Tags: news | politics | state

Phil Berger is a pickup-truck Republican, and not just because he drives a 2001 Ford.

Berger, 59, of Eden, worked his way up from a blue-collar background to become an attorney and Senate Republican leader. With the Republican takeover of […]

Now In Charge

News & Observer Tags: news | opinion – editorial | staff editorial

North Carolina’s Legislative Building was still standing yesterday, with the cafeteria still serving the day’s traditional fare of fried squash, the plants still flourishing, sort of, the halls still walked by staffers. The foundation seemed sturdy.

But in the new year, other kinds […]

Basnight Keeps Senate Seat But Looses Pro Tem

Marc Basnight and Bill Owens may have retained their seats but Basnight looses Senate Pro Tem position, which means his power in N.C. politics is greatly reduced. The N.C. Senate and House have gone Republican for the first time in more than 100 years. I believe this to be a huge blow for the NCTA’s […]