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Please Support John Woodard For NC House of Representatives

The article about my opposition to the bridge has been met with unfavorable comments from some County Commissioners. They have stated that there are only a few factions that oppose the bridge and that this may cost me the election. If that is the sentiment of the voters of Currituck County, then I will live with the results of the election.
Aside from the State Budget issues that were behind my opposition ( which I stated in part in the article ), there is also the Bonner Bridge that appears to be overlooked in this discussion. This bridge is essential and deteriorating rapidly, according to published reports. If you had to pick one, which would it be?
State Hwy money seems to be thought of as an off budget item. Just because money is earmarked or appropriated does not mean those funds are in a safe
deposit somewhere. The gas tax has been raided in order to balance the budget. So these funds can be as well.
We have a growing financial problem with the State Employees Health Plan and their retirement funds. The State Treasurer’s Office reveals that the pension system is underfunded, and already requires an additional $650 mill in appropriations over the next two years to make it once again fully funded.

These are but a few of the financial challenges that will face the next Legislature. We cannot continue to spend as if there were no tomorrow. Spending reductions must be part of the Budget planning for next year. Under those circumstances, do we think that this Bridge is a must have expenditure?

We are going to be making some difficult choices next year. The pain is likely to be felt widely. The price tag of $800 mill for this bridge is very high and may go higher.  So I ask again, where will the money come from?
John Woodard

Please send John a donation that will help him get the word out. Checks should be payable to Woodard for the House and mailed to 623 Forest Park Dr ECNC 27909. Include the senders occupation.

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