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Hood Richardson Weighs In On Mid-Currituck Bridge

Candidate For Senate Hood Richardson believes:

The high cost of the bridge and the small amount of benefit to North Carolina Citizens is of concern to me.  Eight hundred million dollars (almost one billion) compared to a one year State budget of 20 billion makes this a significat amount of money.  The declining economy tells me that the volume of  traffic will be low during the next few years.  Therefore, we cannot expect to pay for the bridge with tolls.  I think we need to wait for better ecomomic times to build this bridge.It is easy for  politicians (Senator Basnight) to promise people things that saddle the State with  obligations and debt in order to win elections.  That attitude is what has brought the economy to its knees.  I prefer to reduce taxes, lower public debt and regulations in order to create long lasting jobs for the working citizens of North Carolina.

Hood Richardon, Candidate Senated District 1

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